Richmond T-Shirts -- Blake Cale

Blake Cale

We’re excited to have five awesome Richmond T-shirt designs from Blake Cale.  Blake has a gift for taking unique ideas and bringing them to life in a compelling way.  For his LocalWear designs, Blake wanted to take on a few different aspects of Richmond that make the city unique.  We love his use of Richmond’s city motto (“Sic Itur Ad Astra”) along with the state bird (the cardinal).  During the day, Blake works with 903 Creative, a top creative agency in Richmond, where he specializes in brand identity, logo design and illustration. You can also see more of his work on Instagram @cale_designs.

Blake’s Shirt Designs

Sic Itur Ad Astra
Liberty Or Death

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Richmond T-Shirts - Sarah Barton

Sarah Barton

If you’re a fan of custom lettering, typography and the like, you probably already know of Sarah Barton.  She’s an incredibly talented and versatile artist who can create fun, interesting designs from just an ordinary word or two.  Her designs can be both incredibly intricate and precise but also bold and commanding.  So we were thrilled to have her create two custom Richmond T-shirt designs that reflect Sarah’s experiences with Richmond.  According to Sarah, her first design, “Connection,” reflects Richmond’s “small world vibe” where “anywhere you go, you’ll meet new people, but there’s usually someone you know there as well.”  Her second design, “Flow” is “an abstract design influenced by the rushing water of the James River.”  You can see more at and on both Twitter and Instagram @bartonington.

Sarah’s Shirt Designs

RVA Flow

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Amir Dennis


Amir knows Richmond. Growing up, he visited different parts of the city to play basketball, and ever since he’s made a point of visiting and getting to know different areas in Richmond. His love of art and drawing started early, but it wasn’t until college that he really discovered graphic design. He’s since become passionate about branding and helping to create visual identities. Amir now owns his own creative agency based in Richmond, CURBSIDE Branding & Design. Amir wins our award for fastest to come up with ideas – during our first call he was overflowing with Richmond T-shirt ideas. We love the designs he chose to represent Richmond and we hope you do too. You can see more of Amir’s work at or on Instagram @CurbsideBrandDesign.

Amir’s Shirt Designs

Rva Neighborhood Colors
Historic Map
Bold River City
Rva Neighborhood Pattern

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Richmond T-Shirts - Molly Gertenbach

Molly Gertenbach

Molly is a great example of a talented Richmond artist who makes her living in a creative way using her creative skills. In her day job, Molly is a User Experience Designer, which is essentially the art of crafting how people interact with software. Outside of work, Molly freelances in graphic design and illustration where she has wide range of styles – sometimes bold and dynamic and other times creative and playful. We find her Richmond T-Shirt designs for LocalWear to have a clean, precise and fun … yet almost calming style. You can find more from Molly at and on instagram @mollygert.

Molly’s Shirt Designs

River City

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Richmond T-Shirts - Heather Rankin

Heather Rankin

When we first saw Heather’s work, we knew we wanted to work with her to create Richmond T-shirts.  Heather is a student in VCU’s Communication Arts program, and she usually focuses on illustration, architecture and creature design.  She’s incredibly talented and brings a lot of depth and feeling to her work.  So we thought it would be fascinating to see her talents applied to this project.  Heather started drawing at a very young age and is a big believer in the importance of practice.  You can see her different styles at and on instagram @heatherr0808.

Heather’s Shirt Designs


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Coming Soon!

Our Next Richmond Artist Is Coming Shortly!

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Designs are partially complete and we promise they won’t disappoint.


We launched LocalWear and began our mission in a single city: Richmond Virginia.

Why Richmond?

We love Richmond and its artistic and creative culture.  Perfect place to launch a design driven business. 

We’ve both spent time in and gotten to know and enjoy Richmond over the years. Two of our siblings currently live in Richmond, which has led us to spend time in different areas of the city over the years. The downtown neighborhoods, local colleges, historic buildings, eclectic culture and strong sense of local pride remind us of the southern towns where we grew up.

Practically speaking, we wanted to launch our clothing business in a medium sized city that might support a great launch. We also wanted a city that we knew and liked and where we could meet people in person as needed.

We’ve had a great experience getting started in Richmond, and we’re meeting some awesome local artists. We’re now hoping for a good response to our Richmond t-shirt designs. Thank you Richmond for helping to get LocalWear started! We’ll see where the mission takes us from here…